Meet the Team

Each one of our training team have undergone extensive training to achieve their Local/ National Observer/ Masters qualification with IAM RoadSmart. They may be an “ugly” bunch but each display a passion for biking and between them have many years of biking experience. Always keen to help other bikers enjoy their biking adventures and provide advice on riding techniques.

Derek Baker, Chief Observer & Group Secretary

A life-long passion for everything “motorcycling” including road riding and short circuit racing in his youth, “Dex” is also an assessor, training Local and National Observers and is a Master’s mentor with IAM RoadSmart.

Mac Tattersall, National Observer & Group Chairman

An experienced road and track rider, Mac has been riding bikes since he was a 16-year old with hair! He is also an assessor, training Local and National Observers.

Paul Robinson, National Observer & Group Treasurer

In his youth Paul enjoyed success as an international Moto-X sidecar passenger, he is one of the few in our team to have retained his hair! Paul is also an assessor, training Local and National Observers.

Mike Bennett, National Observer

Mike is another of our training team who has been riding since he was a fresh faced 16-year old and is also an experienced track rider both in the UK and abroad. Mike is also an assessor, training Local and National Observers, and is a Masters mentor with IAM RoadSmart.

Jim Caddick, National Observer

Meet Jim, one of our National Observers who, by his own admission is a petrol head, motorcycle fanatic and dog lover. Jim has a passion for helping other bikers improve their riding, and holds a Master’s (with distinction) riding qualification.

Richard Turnock, Local Observer

A keen rider of many years and one of the few in our group to retain a mop of hair. He is passionate about helping bikers become better riders, and holds a Master’s riding qualification.

Richard Tromans Esq, Local Observer

The “true gent”, of our group. Richard is always keen to pass on his experience and advice to new associates, enjoys a beer with his mates (who doesn’t) but only when he isn’t riding!

Richard Meredith, Local Observer

Our “Route Master”, Richard organises the weekly routes for the training team and occasional social ride-outs, without whom we would all get lost (more than we do at present). Richard also holds a Masters riding qualification.

Clive Webster, Local Observer

Ex-Guardsman, Police & Prison Officer Clive is a great supporter of our servicemen and attends the “Ride to the Wall” each year. Always enthusiastic about his biking, keen as mustard to pass on his experience to help others.

Patrick Grainger, Local Observer

Enjoys touring at home and abroad with his wife. Patrick is also a dedicated Blood Biker, riding with Severn Freewheelers and is also an avid road cyclist.

Kevin Mitchell, Local Observer

Another keen adventurer, Kev has covered thousands of miles at home and abroad and is an experienced track rider. Renowned for finding “the overtake”, he is passionate about his biking.

Trevor Wood, Local Observer

Loves driving as well as biking, in fact he enjoys training so much his “day-job” is a driving instructor.

Dan Curtis, Local Observer

Another of our Blood Bikers, riding with Midland Freewheelers. Dan enjoys putting new associates at ease, sharing advice and tips to help new members improve their riding.

Andy Wakeman, Local Observer

Andy obtained a F1RST in his advanced motorcycle test and is now passing on his knowledge to other riders as a Local Observer.

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